Bishnoi Village Rajasthan

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Rajasthan in India is home to many numbers of options for sightseeing and reliving culture from different ages. One of the most beautiful cities to visit in Rajasthan is Jodhpur, also known as the blue city, getting its name from the color of the large number of houses in the city.

Jodhpur has a lot to offer, from its palaces to other attractions, including memorials and a very famous reservoir. One of the main attractions, the Bishnoi Village, is located 22 km away from the city; and it attracts numerous visitors and tourists from all around the world.

History of the Bishnoi Village Rajasthan

The meaning of the word ‘Bishnoi’ is 29 principle, Bishnoi village is made up of many villages, in which Guda, Kakani and Khejarli are main villages, it is a Hindu religious sect, which follows the 29 principles laid down by the founder of the sect, Guru Jambheshwar.

He was believed to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna, and his teachings propagated that God is a divine force that is present everywhere. Some of the 29 principles taught by him are for women only and some are for men only.

How far is Bishnoi village from Jodhpur?

bishnoi village is 25km from jodhpur city, on the route of jodhpur to udaipur, for location you can search in google map guda bishnoi village safari

we also provides jeep facility for pickup from jodhpur city and return drop after safari.

Bishnoi village contact details number

guda bishnoi village safari is only one who is local from bishnoi village so you call and connect direct to bishnoi villlage for location and contact number of bishnoi village click here

you can call us 8209853190

Bishnoi Village Tour Attraction

No trip in Rajasthan is completed without a visit to the Bishnoi villagesThe Guda Bishnoi Village Safari Jodhpur brings you the opportunity to explore the prominent village spots in Jodhpur. With this trip, you come across the village culture of Rajasthan and understand the lifestyle of people who live in a traditional way with their families.

Besides, you get to encounter their working process and understand how they earn their living on a regular basis. Book Now to explore the culture and lifestyle of its people and connect with them.

You can see desert wild life, like black bucks, chinkaras, blue bulls, Desert foxes, hares, partridges etc. Visitors can enjoy a view of thousands of migratory Demosil Cranes during September to march at Guda bishnoi lake near Jodhpur. On the way to safari visitors can see the craftsman on work and shepherds, farmers.

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