Village Safari In Rajasthan India

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in rajasthan many villages available for tourist to visit and watch, tourist can see real culture of rajasthan. bishnoi village is top visiting point in village safari in rajasthan, in the village you can see how people live with there animals and farm income.

Bishnoi Village Tour- All you need to know!

Bishnoi village is 22 km from Jodhpur, and there are several tour operators that organise day trips to experience the village, meet local families, and spend time interacting with them, to learn more about their culture.

many tour operator provides village safari in bishnoi village but the Guda Bishnoi Village Safari is only one who is local from bishnoi village, and operated by bishnoi people of bishnoi village.

A branch of Hinduism, the Bishnoi faith is based on 29 rule, the majority of which encourage environmental protection. Blackbucks, chinkara (Indian gazelle), vultures, peacocks, the huge Indian Bustard, and other animals find refuge in Bishnoi, where they are even let to graze freely on their farmlands. They keep water-filled containers around the community and hang water-filled pots from trees for the wildlife and birds. A few of the Bishnoi temples, such as the one at Jajiwal, serve as animal rescue facilities. The local priest tends to and has healed several animals, including the blackbuck, nilgai, and chinkara. These animals frequently wander around the local communities unafraid of people. Women from Bishnoi have even nursed.

Khejarli massacre story

When the Maharaja of Jodhpur decided to create a new palace in 1730, he dispatched his soldiers to the village of Khejarli to acquire the building materials. Amrita Devi, a Bishnoi woman, embraced a tree literally and exhorted others to do the same, saying that a severed head is less expensive than a destroyed tree. She could not bear to see her religion and the village’s precious trees destroyed. In an effort to safeguard the frightened forest trees, 363 individuals lost their lives. When the monarch learned of the horror, he hurried to the hamlet to apologise and proclaimed Bishnoi a protected area, outlawing damage to trees and animals. In Bishnoi, the law is still in force. with the Village Safari In Rajasthan India¬†you can see khejarli massacre story.

How To Contact Guda Bishnoi Village Safari

guda bishnoi village safari is operated by local bishnoi people and its only one tour operator from bishnoi village, many tour operator from outside bishnoi village so you go direct to guda bishnoi village and take a jeep from local, you can also book online through official website or book on call +918209853190

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